At OIQ 'Insurance On Your Terms' is not just a slogan... It is our core philosophy.

Secure with proper insurance coverage

Our goal is to deliver tools via the Internet which Canadians can use to determine the best insurance coverage for their personal insurance needs.

OIQ is addressing the needs of Canadian consumers!

OIQ is focused on circumventing tradition and delivering the necessary information, tools, and systems to enable the Canadian insurance consumer to evaluate their insurance needs, research available coverages and rates, and lastly purchase their insurance either directly through automated systems or electronic forms and applications.

Do I Need Insurance? How Much Insurance Do I Need? Insurance for Seniors

OIQ has developed several web based financial tools for our visitors to help determine their insurance needs. Please feel free to use these tools to help you determine whether you require insurance coverage.

Life Insurance Needs Assessment Calculator

Disability Insurance Needs Assessment Calculator

Critical Insurance Needs Assessment Calculator

How Do I Get Insurance Quotes?

After using these tools you will have a better understanding of how much Insurance you need. The next step is to find the best coverage for you. At this time we have developed individual websites to address the types of insurance products available to Canadians. Please visit these sites to get quotes and information on the insurance products.

Disability Insurance Quotes visit

Critical Illness Insurance Quotes visit

Travel Insurance Quotes visit

Group Benefit Insurance Quotes visit www.Group

Buying habits are changing!

We no longer accept the advice of so called experts; we want to inform ourselves with as much information as possible to ensure that we are making the right decision about our major purchases in life. As consumers we want to be aware of alternative products, pricing, and features so we can choose the right coverage for ourselves.

The Canadian Insurance Industry is slow to react!

Insurance for your Family

The Canadian insurance industry is struggling with the changes in consumer buying habits. The insurance industry still believes that Canadian consumers want to develop a relationship with an insurance agent and rely on this bond for guidance.

Finding a professional insurance broker/agent is becoming more difficult. The reality is young talented people shun a career in insurance sales because of the negative stigma associated with being an insurance salesman.

The net result is that there needs to be an alternative method for acquiring information, advice and service for insurance products.

Insurance on YOUR Terms
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