A Breif History!

Incorporated In 2007, OIQ Insurance Solutions Inc. ("OIQ") is focused on creating a revolution in Canadian Insurance industry. We are driven to provide Canadian consumer access to tools, information, and guidance which will allow them to make informed insurance purchasing decisions.

What Does OIQ Stand For?

OIQ is an acronym for Online Insurance Quotes, which is our corporate URL www.OnlineInsuranceQuotes.ca and our first web site. Originally, www.OnlineInsuranceQuotes.ca was designed to be an all-inclusive website offering quotations and information on all insurance products and services available to Canadians. We quickly recognized that the insurance industry was too large and complex to offer all products on one website.

In 2006 we decided to develop individual websites for each insurance product that we would offer. Below is a list of websites that OIQ operates;

www.TravelInsuranceQuotes.ca - Launched August 2006

www.DisabilityInsuranceQuotes.ca - Launched September 2006

www.GroupBenefitQuotes.ca - Launched October 2006

www.CriticalIllnessQuotes.ca - Launched February 2007

www.MortgageInsuranceQuotes.ca - Launched March 2007


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