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New Flash! - Critical Illness Insurance Survey Results - Major Premium Opportunity. - May 9th, 2007

We have just concluded our in house survey of Critical Illness Insurance companies. The results that we found have identified a major pricing opportunity of one major insurance company that currently set its prices 25-30% below the market rates.

Our survey was conducted using the following hypothetical case;

The average monthly premium from seven major Canadian insurance companies was $202. The monthly premium quoted from the eighth company was $148! This represents a cost savings of 27%!

We assume that this price anomaly will be corrected very soon. We recommend acting quickly if you have been considering purchasing critical illness insurance.

For your customized quotation please call OIQ Insurance Solutions at 1.866.219.7953 or request your quotation online at

New Group Benefit Website Launched - November 2006

OIQ Insurance Solutions is proud to announce the official launch of its first website www.GroupBenefitQuotes.comto offer quote requests and information for businesses looking for information on employee benefits. isvalso accessible using the domain address "We are shocked by the statistics of how many small and medium sized businesses do not have any group benefits." says Ron Froh CEO of OIQ Insurance Solutions. "Our internal research tells us that the main reason many businesses do not offer benefits is simply a result of a lack of time and information on the options available to them.

New Living Benefit Websites Launched www.DisabilityInsuranceQuotes.caand October 2006

Continuing in our efforts to provide Canadian insurance consumers online access to insurance information and quotations, OIQ Insurance Solutions launched 2 new websites and "Our primary goal with these two websites is to address the demand from Canadian individuals who are seeking to learn more about insurance to make educated purchasing decisions" says Ron Froh CEO of OIQ Insurance Solutions. "We have been surpised by the demand for living benefit information. We see this as further reinforcement that the insurance industry needs to adapt. We will continue to push to offer information and electronic quotations through our various insurance web sites."

Canadian Travel Insurance Website Launched - August 2006

Online Insurance Quotes has launched its first product specific website Travel Insurance Quotes Canada. Travel Insurance provides a great opportunity continue to service out visitors by offering an insurance product that is ideal for online distribution.

Typically, travel insurance is offered by travel agents as an additional "up sell" to the vacation or business traveler. Travel Insurance Quotes Canada has a vision to develop quotation tools and a reporting system that presents the travel insurance option that is best suited  to the users age, length of trip, medical history, and country/province of residence.

Initially, Travel Insurance Quotes Canada has the ability to offer travel insurance from Canada's leading companies Manulife Financial, Travel Underwriters, TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators, Travel Guard Canada, and Blue Cross Canada.

The competitive quote engine is currently under development and is expected to launch with full functions in May 2007. Currently, Travel Insurance Quotes Canada is offering travel insurance from Manulife Financial online. Travel insurance from the other companies can be purchased by calling toll free 866.219.7953 or Email Your Travel Insurance Quote Request

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